Pue’s first post


Pue’s Occurrences was an eighteenth-century newspaper ‘containing the most authentick and freshest translations from all parts, carefully collected and impartially translated’. Our Irish history blog aims to provide a bit of freshness and debate, as well as viewing Irish history (and history in Ireland) as impartially as possible. Every week we (and our guest contributors) will present carefully collected opinions on a wide variety of subjects, with the aim of promoting debate, questions and comments from our readers.

Check out our (utterly biased) monthly recommendations to see what’s currently worth reading, attending, watching and listening to in the world of history.   Our series of interviews with those who work in the history industry – in the museums, universities, publishers, libraries and archives – will give an insight into those who make it tick.  Our own correspondents will describe the trials and travails of researching and writing in the PhD diaries and a monthly poll will offer some light relief.   See our events listing for a guide to what’s on, and our requests page where you can post or respond to readers’ searches for information on a wide variety of subjects.

But these articles are only a starting point. The success of our endeavours depends on our ability to promote and provoke debate and to draw you the reader to participate in that discussion. We rely on your inputs, so if you have any comments or suggestions to make on any aspect of Pue’s Occurrences, or if you wish to add to our events or requests pages, feel free to contact us at puesoccurrences@gmail.com.

Juliana Adelman, Lisa-Marie Griffith, Kevin O’Sullivan (editors)

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