Bring out your events!

Billy_Clark_town_crier_NantucketThis post is really just an effort to highlight our Events page.  We aim to provide a central listing for all kinds of history events taking place in Ireland.  Please oh please send us your events.  Email us at  As you can see on the Events page, we usually put in a single sentence which also serves as a hyperlink to a website for the actual event.  So far in October there are conferences on Monism in Belfast, the history of New Age religion in Maynooth, the War of Independence in Dublin, and the Ulster plantation, also in Dublin.  Finally the Roscrea conference is on Irish Saints and the Liturgy.  I’m sure there’s more going on.  We are happy to add exhibitions, radio and tv programmes and public lectures.  (Have a look at Lisa’s tv and radio guide for the week while you’re at it.)  So bring out your events, we want your events!

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One Response to “Bring out your events!”

  1. Roger Says:

    Hi Kathy: I happened onto the Point Site, and saw the hoploa that your book is causing! I followed and read the article in the Gazette. I have to tell you that I do agree with your findings although I did eat better than you ! I find people who lived there or some who still live there are somewhat delusional when it comes to the conditions in which many of us lived. Again, I have to agree with Angelo, I grew up at 421 St. Madeleine, I am sure we played Tomatso together in the street, I would not have traded one minute of my life there. We grew up quickly, we saw things that perhaps other children our age didn’t see, but it has made me a fiercely independent adult with strong convictions of right and wrong. It has made me make better choices in my life and I have no regrets. But to say that live was a bed of roses growing up in Point St. Charles would be a lie. I hope you have much success with your book, I will definitely be reading it. I took have written a memoire of my life in the Point, if you should ever want to read it, I would be happy to pass it along. Perhaps you could guide me in having this published as well. Again, I look forward to reading your book.

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