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The history week ahead…on tv and radio: Saturday 17 October- Friday 23 October

17 October 2009


2.20pm: Waterloo (film), BBC 2.

7.oopm: Fifty years of Music in Dublin, RTÉ Lyric FM.

8.30pm: The Bitter End: Ghandi (final part), BBC2, tv.

8.30pm: Glortha an Ghorta: Great Irish Famine Folklore, RTÉ Radio 1.

12.45 pm: The Unsinkable Titanic, More 4.


13:30 A Short History of Ireland Omnibus, BBC Radio Ulster.

6.05 pm: Conspiracy: Irish Political Trials under the Union (part 4 of 4), RTÉ Radio 1.

6.30pm: Reeling in the years, RTÉ 1.

7.00pm: Reeling in the years, RTÉ 1.

7.00 pm: Talking History, Newstalk.

8.00pm: Séiplínigh na Nlmirceach, TG4. Read more