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How to turn your PhD into a book: part 4, revise, revise, revise

30 October 2009

By Juliana Adelman

booksLet’s start with the bad news.  This whole revision business is tedious and frustrating.  The good news is that you if you put your mind to it you will not only improve this (your first) book, but you will acquire skills that will stand you in good stead for future.  Revising is effectively the same process no matter what type of prose you are looking at.  This post is a kind of miscellany of tips and thoughts.  I tried to organise them around themes, but it just didn’t work that well.  So hopefully this won’t be too convoluted.  For those of you who haven’t already read them, this post follows three others on a similar theme: part 1 (book proposals), part 2 (finding a publisher), part 3 (first revision steps).

Before you begin revising your chapters you probably need to read the whole dissertation, AGAIN.  When reading your chapters try to consider how they fit into the whole.  Do they support what you set out to do in the introduction and do they lead logically to the conclusion?  Do they link one to another?  Do you repeat yourself?

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