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The history week ahead on tv and radio: 7 November to 13 November

7 November 2009



16:55 1989: Day by day, radio, BBC R2

 19:30 More than museums: Poetry Ireland, radio, RTE R1

18.05 Pieces of the wall, radio, RTE R1

20.00 The day of the Kamikaze, tv, Channel 4.

20:05 The secret life of the berlin wall, tv, BBC2

21.15 The noughties… was that it?, tv, BBC3

21:30 Flags of our father, tv, RTE2


13:30 A short history of Ireland Omnibus, radio, BBC Radio Ulster

16.30 Adventures in poetry, radio, BBC R4

16:55 1989: day by day, radio, BBC R4

19:00 Talking history, radio, Newstalk 106

21:00 Garrow’s law: tales from the Old Bailey (historical legal drama), tv, BBC1

22.00 Cerbh E (traditional influences), tv, TG4

23:00 1989: day by day omnibus, radio, BBC R4 Read more