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Requiem for the Poppy: Reflections on Remembrance

19 November 2009

Contributed by Sean Brennan

The season of Remembrance is upon us and once again the sign of the poppy challenges both Unionists and Nationalists to remember those ‘faithfully departed’ who died for ‘the Cause’ in that ‘Great War’ of 1914-1918. For many Unionists the act of Remembrance is almost a religious experience as they pay homage to the blood sacrifice of their forefathers, who fell in the fields of Flanders, Gallipoli, Dublin and at Somme. For the Nationalist community who’s father’s, brothers and sons fell along side Irish Unionists all along the Western Front, the act of remembrance is more circumspect and the memory of ‘the fallen’ more sombrely recalled amid accusations of ‘poppydom’ by opponents still angered by the activities of cruel Britannia.

Today, in Ireland, many Nationalists view the poppy as a British war symbol but history shows that in it was French Republican soldiers-during the Napoleonic era who first adopted the poppy to remember their comrades and their citizen’s sacrifice in Modern War. Read more

Come to our launch!

19 November 2009


We hope that you’ll all come along to celebrate 6 months of successful blogging on November 19th at 6pm in the Lord Edward on Lord Edward Street in Dublin.  First and foremost we want to thank our contributors and readers in person and meet those of you that we don’t know.  So just in case you couldn’t pick us out of a line up, we offer the following photographic means of introduction: