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Pue’s Recommendations for December

7 December 2009

Juliana Adelman I’ve been thinking a lot about writing recently so I just read Thinking like your editor: how to write great serious nonfiction and get it published.  Not for everyone, and generally geared for commercial nonfiction, but it gives a totally different perspective on audience and publishing.  I’ve also just discovered a web journal of new Irish writing, including nonfiction.  Some Blind Alleys is edited by Greg Baxter who will be familiar to readers of the Dublin Review.  Finally, panto season is upon us.  You can read a few chapters of J. Broadbent’s A History of Pantomime (1901) on Google Books.

Lisa Marie Griffith I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours reading Martyn Powell’s Piss-pots, printers and public opinion in eighteenth-century Dublin part of the excellent Maynooth Studies in Local History Series. Anyone interested in the history of Dublin or the print trade in Ireland should pick this up.  The IFI’s German Film Festival runs from 2 December to 10 December is offering up 13 films to cater for everyone’s tastes. I will be going to see Anonyma: A Woman in Berlin (EINE FRAU IN BERLIN), a film that looks at ‘the mass rape of German women by Red Army soldiers at the end of World War II’.

Kevin O’Sullivan Three things of interest for you this month. First, a great new book: Cormac Ó Gráda’s Famine: a short history; concise, informative and intelligent, with a contender for history book cover of the year to boot. Then, a blog: Another Nickel in the Machine, filled with fantastic images of London in the last century, its history, its culture and its music. And finally, a piece bound to raise a chuckle but with a serious undertone, from William Easterly’s excellent Aid Watch site: ‘African leaders advise Bono on reform of U2’.