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On God’s Mission

11 March 2010

By Kevin O’Sullivan

‘The history of Ireland’s missionary movement has not yet played out’, the narrator told us at the end of the two-part mini-documentary series, ‘On God’s Mission’, broadcast on RTÉ 1 television on Tuesday night. ‘And it may take another hundred years to fully understand its impact.’ When a television programme ends with an admission as equivocal as the average historian, it’s always a fair bet on the quality of the material that preceded it.

Let me admit something at the outset: I really liked this documentary. This is a subject on which I have written, researched and thought about extensively, and at every turn I found myself remarking at how well-researched, well put together and evenly paced – not easy to do – it was, with some interesting footage and only the usual, inescapable gripes about factual errors.

Its makers were helped, of course, by a terrific story. They began with Fr Joseph Shanahan’s journey into darkest west Africa in the early twentieth century, a place where, in his own words, ‘human flesh was even sold in public spaces’, where Satan was visible in the landscape, the people and the soil. Read More