Promoting Dublin’s Urban history: The History of the City of Dublin Reasearch Group

Contributed by Lisa Marie Griffith

One of the major problems facing anyone who undertakes research on urban history is that by its very nature the field is incredibly broad. It encompasses architects, art historians, historians and local historians, as well as genealogists and town planners. Even with a brilliant resource like Dublin City Library and Archive it can be incredibly difficult to make a detailed survey of all of the different areas you need to be familiar with in order to carry out research on Dublin. While the Friends of Medieval Dublin have successfully harnessed the interest of those who seek to preserve as much of Medieval Dublin as possible in order to promote research in the area, research iniatives for the modern period still fall short.  A new research group funded by the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies (CISCS) in Trinity College Dublin aims to redress this imbalance.

The history of the modern Irish capital has spurred countless studies and research projects but many of these studies are lost or difficult to come by.The History of the City of Dublin Research Group aims to promote research in the area by bringing together researchers currently working on Dublin History and detailing their project and published output so that this material can be found in one place. To date, the group has brought together over 65 international researchers from a variety of academic backgrounds and has a listing of their past, present and future projects. Their aims are to maintain this electronic listing of research on the history and development of post-medieval Dublin, and to update it on a regular basis; to publicize and on occasion to organize events relating to the history of the post-medieval city; To promote and encourage research on post-medieval Dublin, and to facilitate communication and collaboration between researchers across the disciplines to this end.

The group are inviting scholars working in this field to get in touch and add their name to the listing to ensure that an up-to-date and complete listing can be formed and to promote the research of the city. You can find out more about the group and their events here.

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  1. Ronan L Says:

    A great idea, thanks for sharing!

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