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Techie Troubles

13 October 2010

By Christina Morin

I’m not sure what everyone else who’s ever written a book does in the last few weeks before submission, but I’ve been doing a lot of procrastinating – starting novels I know I should wait until after I submit to read, meeting friends and colleagues for endless cups of coffee, trawling the aisles of Ikea for the perfect book shelf to grace my new home office, concocting amazing, nutritious lunches for myself, and endlessly updating my Facebook status. Of course, the time-delaying tactics have been much helped by my recent attempts to set myself up in my new workplace (which shall remain nameless out of respect for its reputation and my job security!) Becoming a new staff member, it seems, is easy in theory but much harder in practice. It took two weeks for my staff card to materialize, even though the actual manufacture of said staff card involved looking briefly into a little camera and waiting three minutes for the card-making machine to spit out my plastic proof of identity. Mind-blowing really! Read more