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Seachtar na Cásca – The Easter Seven

15 October 2010

Contributed by Joanne McEntee 

‘As we gather in the chapel here in old Kilmainham Jail,                            I think about these past few weeks, oh will they say we’ve failed?’

Although initially deemed a failure, the rising orchestrated by the ‘Easter 7’ in April 1916 proved pivotal in Ireland’s struggle against British rule. The seven signatories of the Proclamation, Thomas J. Clarke, Sean Mac Diarmada, James Connolly, Patrick H. Pearse, Éamonn Ceannt, Thomas MacDonagh and Joseph Plunkett have been resurrected once again in the first major television series of the event in over forty years.

‘1916 Seachtar na Cásca’ written by Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh, directed by Dathaí Keane, and produced in conjunction with Abú media productions had its first public airing at the 22nd Galway Film Fleadh. TG4 now brings this seven part historical documentary to a wider audience every Wednesday night at 21.30 with repeat showings on Saturdays at 21.30. The series runs from 22 September until 3 November. Read more