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Undergraduate fees: survey results so far

12 November 2010

By Juliana Adelman

Well the numbers are in and Pue’s readers are in favor of a reintroduction of fees by a strong majority of 63%.  Undergraduates were a very small minority of our respondents, but perhaps unsurprisingly they were 75% against the reintroduction of fees.  Postgraduates were the largest group of respondents and they represent the overall trends of the survey relatively well with 65% in favor of fees, but heavily in favor of graduated fees (41% versus 24% for universal).  Postdoctoral fellows, however were 89% in favor of the reintroduction of student fees, with the vast majority in favor of fees graduated by income.  University lecturers were most evenly divided among the three options (universal fees, fees varied by income, no fees).  Although the majority (72%) were in favor of fees, this was split between those who want universal fees (29%) and those who want graduated fees (42%).  We only had one respondent who identified themselves as a parent of an undergraduate and they were understandably NOT in favor of fees!  I haven’t closed the poll, so please feel free to vote if you have not yet and at the end of next week I will put up the complete results.