Reminder for Honest to Blog

Just a short reminder that our blogging symposium Honest to Blog takes place this Friday, 4th of March, at Trinity College Dublin and there is still time to register. The registration fee is 10 euro, lunch is provided on the day and our speakers include: Myles Dungan from Myle’s Dungan’s history site, Conor Brady from the Rosnaree Archeological Project Blog, Orla Murphy from Orla Murphy’s Blog, Niamh Cullen from The Little Review, Ciaran Swan speaking on behalf of the Irish Left Archive , Jonathan Wright from Trinity College Dublin, and our own Juliana Adelman from Pue’s Occurrences. There will be a Q&A after each panel and a roundtable discussion in the afternoon that discusses web legitimacy and publishing on the internet. You can register online and find the programme here.

4 Responses to “Reminder for Honest to Blog”

  1. puesoccurrences Says:

    You can follow us on Twitter for the day.

  2. Póló Says:

    Great day.

    Well planned and very provocative.

    Full marks to the team of a great blog.

  3. Póló Says:

    Just noticed a problem with the Twitter hashtag. Someone else (maybe Chinese!) is also using this tag and their unintelligible tweets are turning up in the search timeline.

    Next time round you’ll have to get a unique hashtag and test it first via the search function.

    Small glitch and didn’t spoil the tweeting as the other crowd weren’t tweeting at the same time. Could be a time zone thing too.

  4. puesoccurrences Says:

    I spotted that later alright- It was a learn on the job- I will have a better idea for next time. Thanks Póló!


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