Archive for March 15th, 2011

Bar Council Archive: appeal for material

15 March 2011

Contributed by Jeanne McDonagh

The Bar Council Archive of photographs, documents and related legal material, under the patronage of His Hon, Mr Justice Hugh Geoghegan, has been in place for four years, forming a collection of images and history of the legal profession.

In an effort to expand our collection, we are getting in touch with other archives and people to see if they have relevant material that we could copy in digital form. We have been borrowing images, taking a digital photograph and returning them to the owners. We are hopeful that there may be further items in personal collections that would be of interest and would enable us to develop our archive. If you have an image or document that would be relevant, please contact Jeanne McDonagh at jmcdonagh AT lawlibrary DOT ie to discuss it. All help is greatly appreciated.