Picture Posts

By Christina Morin

This is the first of what we hope will become a weekly series consisting of an image, illustration, photograph, cartoon, drawing, or other visual representation (or representations) drawn from our various experiences, undertakings, and encounters of the preceding week. Each image will be posted with limited accompanying text, with the idea that it serve more as a conversation starter than a discussion in and of itself. What we post will be related in some way to what we do, whether it’s a picture of an untidy desk just after an important article has been submitted, or a screen grab of the website which served as a procrastination tool, or a cartoon that seems particularly applicable to current events. In other words, these picture posts will be much like our normal discursive entries, with the exception that they will be primarily visual rather than verbal. We hope to provide, in a slightly different format than usual, some food for thought. And if we happen to get a laugh or two in the process… well, there’s no harm in that!

So, without further ado, here is the inaugural picture post, taken from my procrastination on YouTube this week. Enjoy!

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