Rathmines Clock Tower

By Lisa Marie Griffith

I have just moved to Rathmines and I really love some of the late nineteenth century buildings in the village. Here is one of the views from my balcony of the Rathmines Clock Tower. The tower and town hall (which it is attached to) were designed by Sir Thomas Drew (b. in Belfast 1838, d. in Dublin 1910) and completed in 1899 as the town hall and to be a centrepiece of the town. Today the building houses the Rathmines College of Further Education. Drew also worked in Dublin on the Union Bank (now National Irish Bank), College Green (1864–6) and on Ulster Bank, College Green, 1888–91. His work also brought him to Belfast, Derry and Waterford where he worked on Churches and Cathedrals. If you have access to DIB his entry can be found here.


One Response to “Rathmines Clock Tower”

  1. Póló Says:

    Went to Louis convent across the road. Always loved this building. So oldy worldly.

    Bold statement of a rich and intolerant township, though.

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