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Pue is 2: Tina

30 May 2011

By Christina Morin

When I wrote my first piece for Pue’s back in July 2009, I didn’t really anticipate writing another entry, let alone later joining the editorial team. This was, as far as I was concerned, an intriguing opportunity to offer general thoughts and opinions on the novels central to my research in a space freely accessible to academics and non-academics alike. The responses to that first piece, including one noting how it had helped prompt the reader to pick up Castle Rackrent, however, encouraged me to contribute further pieces to Pue’s, and I was delighted when Juliana, Kevin, and Lisa asked me to come on board as an editor in January 2010.

What I hadn’t realized when I wrote that first piece in 2009 was how appealing I would find the immediacy of blogging. As we discussed at our most recent symposium, ‘Honest to Blog’, there’s quite often a lengthy delay in the academic publishing experience, meaning that timeliness can be a significant problem. A scholarly article commenting on a particular current event or development, for instance, frequently appears long after said event has come and gone. Blogging, however, allows for instant engagement with matters of pressing, if time-limited, concern or interest. More than that, as evidenced by our readers’ lively responses to Pue’s pieces, it engenders immediate critical debate. Read more