Retail Therapy


With a particularly tough couple of work weeks behind me, I decided to treat myself to a bit of retail therapy. Not, unfortunately, in this lovely Florence bookshop, but in The Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar, Hodges Figgis, and, of course, Amazon. I didn’t break the bank, but I did pick up a few things: Roy Foster’s new book, Words Alone: Yeats and his Inheritances, the new Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Romanticism, edited by Murray Pittock, and a copy of Down these Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the 21st Century, signed by its editor, Declan Burke, as well as a host of other contributors, including Declan Hughes, Sara Keating, and Ingrid Black. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!








One Response to “Retail Therapy”

  1. Ida Milne Says:

    Great picture, Tina. It reminds me of home, and the perplexing concept that architects and builders never seem to think of creating spaces for book shelves.

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