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Films of the French Revolution

30 June 2011

By Lisa Marie Griffith

I am about to begin writing some new lecture courses for next year including one that I am particularly looking forward to within my own period of interest, the eighteen century, and on revolutions in the transatlantic world. After my first year teaching I am still amazed at the response of students to films, documentaries and video footage which cover a topic or event on the course. With that in mind I am looking for a good concise and reasonably accurate film that covers some part of the French Revolution. I came across this Wikipedia entry that lists 28 films to do with the French Revolution (click here). I do not, however, have time to go through all 28 so I was hoping for some assistance. Could anyone suggest some good films or at least knock out the bad ones for me?

Just in case you’re curious the above image is by the English caricaturist George Cruickshank, its called ‘The Radical’s Arms’ and dates to 1819.