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Changes afoot

8 July 2011

By Juliana Adelman
[Apologies for lack of image, computer won’t do it. I hope to fix it later.]

I don’t like to be a curmudgeon who poo-poos anything new, but…I am finding all the changes at the NLI a little bit jarring and not 100% for the better.  Let’s begin with the new cafe, which I pointed out in this month’s recommendations.  I have now eaten there twice this week in between reading about railway abattoirs.  I am sorry to report that the prices have not come down nor has the food consistently improved.  The coffee is more than 100% better which is very welcome (especially when it costs €2.50).  The scones are lovely (€2.95 with jam and cream).  The salad plate (€5.95 for medium, couldn’t face meat after all the cow slaughter) was pretty lackluster.  It consisted of some rocket, a potato salad with zero flavor, a sort of waldorf salad with awkwardly large pieces of celery and equally little flavor and some kind of feta/tomato/cucumber salad which was, well, salty.  The best part was a lovely, fresh slice of bread that it came with.  I was given the reader’s discount which was supposed to be 10% but was calculated at 45 cents.  That said, the sandwiches (ham sliced off the bone, €6.70) looked nice.  They were the same sandwiches every day I was in, though.  Vegetarians get salad or soup (€5.50).  Aside from the food I was really disappointed not to see the familiar faces of the previous cafe staff.  Of course it should have occurred to me that change of management would mean change of staff, but it seems silly not to have retained the people who knew all the NLI staff and many of the readers.  And probably could have helped them to avoid the inevitable scrambling at the start.

My other bugbear is the new ‘pilot’ ordering system.  To be quite frank, I don’t like it.   Read More

Geography is a flavour

8 July 2011

So does that make history a smell?  My network connection is acting up so I can’t put up the picture to accompany this bit of trademarked nonsense.  Can you guess who it belongs to, though?

Please suggest alternate history slogans below…