The National Print Museum

By Lisa Marie Griffith

The National Print Museum’s permanent exhibition was re-opened last week by Minister Deenihan following a revamp. It is joined by a photographic exhibition called Analogue. The National Print Museum works to preserve printing material and artefacts (including a replica Guttenberg press) as well as printing traditions. The museum manager Carla Marrinan says that the new exhibition allows the history of printing to be ‘more accessible than ever’. The museum runs a number of workshops which can be taken by the public and which teach and explore traditional printing techniques including bookmaking, papermaking, batik (the process of dyeing fabric), calligraphy and linocutting. The Museum also runs a lecture series which will begin again in September.

The museum opens Monday- Friday 9.00-17.00, Saturday and Sunday 14.00-17.00 (closed Bank holidays)

Admission: 3.50 euro, 2 euro concession, 7 euro family


2 Responses to “The National Print Museum”

  1. Póló Says:

    Absulutely fabulous place. Everyone should visit it. Relevant to so many walks of life and research threads.

    My first reaction when I went there was amazement at the many Adana handpresses stacked along the shelf (maybe most of them have been put away in the revamp?).

    I have very fond memories of that powerful little hand-powered machine:

  2. Tina Says:

    Love the image, Lisa! I haven’t been to the print museum in ages, but I loved walking around all the old machinery and tools. I must take another trip now that it’s been redone.

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