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Attention historical geographers: a call for help!

15 September 2011

By Juliana Adelman

I recently noticed another history blogger experimenting with crowdsourcing advice and feedback on a developing paper.  I think this a great idea and hope to do it myself once my book chapters are a bit further on.  In the meantime, I am looking for a collaborator.  I am in the process of collecting a load of data about the locations of various animal businesses and industries around Dublin during the nineteenth century.  I would like to turn this data into some nice maps.  Now, I can draw dots on a scanned image of an old map using a free image editor and come up with some maps that are ok.  But I suspect that someone with GIS experience and some computer know-how would have a better idea.  The maps will be for a chapter in my book, to be published by the University of Virginia Press. I am offering co-authorship of the chapter to a geographer interested in collaborating and helping to produce the maps.  I suppose in this case I am supplying the data and the research questions and you are supplying the technical skills.  In the short term, it is a guaranteed publication.  In the long term, perhaps the beginning of a beautiful partnership?  Please contact adelmanj AT tcd DOT ie if you are interested.