Enter our Competition!

Welcome to our first competition! We are offering six Pue’s readers the chance to go on a special guided tour of the tower and roof of St Patrick’s Cathedral on the morning of Saturday the 22nd of October, led by the education officer, Andrew Smith. The competition is simple:

Summarize your favourite century of Irish history in 115 characters or less.

If you are on twitter, send it as a tweet with the opening @puesoccurrences #puescomp. Otherwise drop us an email at puesoccurrences AT gmail DOT com. Every letter, every mark of punctuation and every space counts as a character. Short and punchy is the key. The deadline for entries is October 7th and we will announce the winners by October 12th. We’ll also publish the best entries on the blog. Good luck!

A few rules: the tour is not suitable for children under 16, anyone afraid of heights or anyone afraid of enclosed spaces. One entry per person (we welcome as many entries on as many centuries as you like but there is one place for each winner). Please be certain that you are free to attend the tour before entering.

See our dedicated competition page.

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