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Trinity Revamp

11 October 2011

By Lisa Marie Griffith

I had to share this picture that I took yesterday at Trinity, particularly for those of you who are not in and about the capital at the moment (or for those who weren’t quite sure what was going on). One of my recommendations this month was to visit Dublin Contemporary but I must admit it was not until yesterday morning when I arrived to get some work done in the library that I realised that Trinity is one of the venues for the exhibit. To advertise the venue at the Douglas Hyde Gallery this image has been added to the front of the University. One of the first aims of the exhibit is to reach ‘out to encompass the city’s lively public realm’. While I am not sure about charging 10 euro admission to the main exhibit at Earlsfort Terrace, I think this is a fantastic way of making some of their work accessible to those who may not be drawn inside. The exhibit at Douglas Hyde is by Alice Neal and is, however, free and worth a look. I love this image- I find it so striking!

Once I stepped inside to front square I spotted a large film crew. A friend on facebook later mentioned that  Bollywood has come to Dublin and filming for an Indian film is going on at venues across the city. Unfortunately when I went back for a look rain had forced much of the cast in doors so I don’t have an equally exciting image of Bollywood dancers on the cobblestones for you but I will keep my phone ready in case I spot any!