Is it too early…

… to be dreaming of a white Christmas? I’m heading home to New England for the holidays, and I’m hoping there’ll be at least a little snow while I’m there. Just enough to have a white Christmas, do a bit of skiing, and make a few snow angels. While thinking about that yesterday, I did some random-ish googling and found some amazing images of individual snowflakes. We used to cut paper versions of these as kids, on the basis that every snow flake is unique, but this is the first time I think I’ve ever actually considered just what that means. (image source)

Have a great weekend! – Tina

4 Responses to “Is it too early…”

  1. bjg Says:

    Christmas? Bah! Humbug! And as for snow, an hour of it every ten years is enough, I hope to go boating on Christmas Day, and the Big Meal will be on the Feast of St Thomas (a) Becket, with a menu drawn from the Canterbury Tales: I have bought a book on mediaeval cookery. bjg

  2. Former Reader Says:

    Good God, I remember white Christmases I also remember when there was a point to this entire blog.

    • Juliana Says:

      May I sincerely apologize on behalf of the voluntary editors of Pue’s Occurrences for our failure to provide you with free content which meets your high standards. I hope you find your next free lunch to be more palatable.

  3. Patrick Maume Says:

    No, I most certainly am not dreaming of a white Christmas after seeing what some of my elderly friends and relatives went through in the cold snap last winter.

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