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Obituary: Pue S. Occurrences, 2009-2012

9 January 2012
Died January 2012.  A dedicated follower of Irish history and culture, and voluminous writer on many useful and arcane subjects, Pue died at his country estate ‘WordPress’ in the early hours of the morning.  The cause of his death was unclear, but friends and relatives had recently begun to notice that Pue had been gripped by a general fatigue and malaise.  They had a tendency to suggest that this too would pass, but Pue himself was less certain.  To his closest friends he confided a deepening sense of doubt in his daily purpose.  Such doubts had previously spurred active phases of writing and philosophizing but now Pue was often to be heard muttering darkly of evaluation reports, peer review and the employment market.  Even as his health declined he continued to compile statistical tables of outputs which he believed could prove that his country had fallen victim to a false economy of knowledge.  It seemed that his worldly cares could not be ameliorated through creativity and that his writing, too, had become one of his daily burdens.  He feared disappointing his avid readers but alas he could go on no longer.  Pue’s many friends and acquaintances may be cheered by the fact of his conversion to the idea of reincarnation during his dying days when he was often heard to murmur ‘Perhaps I shall return as a curlew’ and a smile would pass his lips.