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Pue would like to offer assitance in linking people and information.  If you are looking for information on a particular subject, please email puesoccurrences@gmail.com with your request.  Include a VERY short description of what you are looking for, your name and contact information.  We will post your request and hopefully someone in cyberspace will have the answer you were looking for.


Juliana Adelman is looking for information on rats and rat-catchers in nineteenth-century Dublin, particularly descriptive accounts of the presence/eradication of rats in homes and slums.  Depictions of rats in fiction or art would also be welcome hints.  juliana DOT adelman AT gmail DOT com.

51 Responses to “Pue’s Queries”

  1. Dr. Robert Bradley (Bob) Says:

    I am most interested in the history of “Pue’s Occurences” at a much greater depth than the introductory paragraph on your web site. I was one of the many tourists to Ireland that benefitted from Lisa-Marie’s “historical walking tours of Dublin”. It was at the close of my 2 week holiday touring all around Ireland and it was a fantantist summary of the history I had learned in the previous weeks. I would say though, that it was slightly misnamed because it was more of a history of Ireland, than just Dublin. i.e. bigger and better tha even she thinks. I am 5 generations away from my Irish roots, one of which is the surname PUE – hence my interest at the outset of this note.
    Thanks for your help!

  2. puesoccurrences Says:

    Dear Bob,
    I am glad that you enjoyed the tour and thank you for your kind comment!
    Very interesting that you have a Pue ancestor!

  3. Dan Pue Says:

    I am looking into my Irish roots. My 7th generation GrandFather Dr. Michael Pue came to America in 1770 from Dublin Ireland. He traveled back and forth mand times. There was some mention in the Pue’s Occurences about (owner/plublisher”Richard Pue’s”) family moving to Maryland. Dr. Micheal Pue settled in Maryland. He married Mary Dorsey (D’Arcy), the daughter of Caleb Dorsey or Belmont, Maryland. Some Pue’s still live there. My branch of the family moved to Texas in the 1850’s to explory new land and opportunities. Six brothers settled near Bandera Texas. Two brothers including my G-G-Grandfather moved to San Antonio Texas and became a Texas Ranger Company D. I would like to share these family histories with my Irish family that maybe still remaining in Ireland. Thanks!

    • Judy Howton Says:

      My line comes from Dr. Arthur Pue whose son is Michael but there has been several generations of doctors in this Maryland family. I, too, would like to hear stories of the family. The six brothers went to Texas and the remaining 5 girls stayed in Maryland. One of the girls would be my granddmother, Sophie.

    • Misty Painter Says:

      I am also looking for the parents of Michael Pue I am running into all sorts of road blocks. any one with some additional information I would love all i can get

  4. Dan Pue Says:

    Hi Judy Howton. So, your grandfather’s branch was Dr. Michael Pue b. abt. 1804 d. Sept 1881. Sophie b. abt. 1818 d.1844 she was married to Mathew Hammond in 1843 was his daughter? I would be very interseted in all the history of your branch I can get. My line is Dr. Michael Pue and Mary Dorsey to Dr. Arthur Pue Sr. and Rebecca Ridgely Buchanon to Dr. Arthur Pue Jr. and Sally Dorsey to (Texas) Edward Buchanan Pue Sr. and Laura Anna Langley to Edward Buchanon Pue Jr. and Henrietta Caroline Hornburg to Ivan Walter Pue and Charolle “Lottie” Schneider to Arthur Joseph Pue Sr. and Verda Mae Toepperwein to Me William Daniel Pue and on to my grandchildren. More information go to: “The Quest for the Pue’s of South Texas”. I also has a book about the Pue’s in Maryland. I will be back in two weeks, mid-March.

    • shalene smith Says:

      I am also a related to michael pue, I have recently discovered this side of my family. jasper l pue was my great grandfather. lillie may pue was my grandmother. I would love any information that you have to share. I am just now looking up ireland history for information. thanks!

    • Judy howton Says:

      Hi Dan, I would be interested in getting the book on the Pues. Can you tell me how? My Grandmother, Sophie married a Pindell thats my maiden name. Anyway what you know about the Bowen, Ridgley families. How are they connected with the Pues? There were 13 children and the boys left to go to Texas. The remaining girls stayed behind. None of the girls except one married. Dr. Michael Pue once had a beautiful place in Howard County back in the 1800s. I go there from time to time. Judy

    • athena Bryant Says:

      My Great Uncle was Jude Arthur Pue he was in Bandera Tx. You can get a book of the Pue

    • Judith Pindell Howton Says:

      I would like to get a copy of the book. Haven’t heard from you in awhile.

  5. Dan Pue Says:

    Shalene Smith, My grandmother Lottie Pue had articles on Jasper Langley Pue. The Father and son. One of which died at Pearl Harbor. I have not check this site in a long time. Sorry, but I have to go for now. I have been reading about Eugene Pue father of John Pue and Maurice Pue around 1642. John and Maurice were sheriff’s in Dublin Ireland. “Dublin Assembly Rolls 1642” I hope to get back to this site soon. I have our link to Jasper L. Pue, so I will add to this a soon as I can get back to it. Busy at work currently. Thanks for responding.

    • Tracy McCain Says:

      Hello, I came by this site by accident looking for more information about my sixth Great Grandfather Michael Pue. There seems to be so many people trying to find his parents. I went to Ireland last Oct. 2011 and tried finding any information on Michael Pue. I was lead to the doctors historical society . They tried helping me, but said they didn’t keep records that far back. I even tried library, but their records were only of Catholic. No luck. I also have pics of Uncle Jasper Langley Pue. If not for Mr Goodyear, a survivor of the USS Oklahoma, the monument would have never been made for the USS Oklahoma. The remains of Uncle Jasper are buried with 26 other soldiers in one of he graves with a headstone that reads The Unknown soldiers.

      I am going to Banda, TX to get photos and information on J.A. V. Pue and a few others there.

      Shalene…. This is your Cousin Tracy Collins. I lost track of you when Nanny passed, please email me at tracymccain@yahoo.com.

      • Dan Pue Says:

        Thanks for keeping in touch, COUSIN. The “Frontier Museum” will be a good source of information. There are books written with the Pue’s mentioned and some pictures. The Bandera Cemetery has a bunch of relatives buried there. Take the first gate and look to your right on the hill and then down the hill. On uncle: Arthur Pue is at the top of the hill and JAV Pue is lower down the hill with respective families. There are still Pue’s living out off Pue Road north of town. Pue road is off 2828 between HWY 16 and HWY 173 between Bandera and Kerrville. Two of the Pue’s were Judges in Bandera County for many years. Please let me know what you find.

  6. Dan Pue Says:

    Shalene Smith, I see your grandmother was Lillian May Pue b. 1917, Her Father was Jasper Langley Pue b. Feb.1879 He married Mamie Beale and took a 2nd wife Lillie Rodarmer in Bexar Co. Texas. He is burried in the Pleasanton Cemetry in Atascosa Co. Texas. Your Grandmothers’ brother Jasper Langley Pue Jr. was kill at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 on the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor. You and I share the same garndparents at the point of Jasper Langley Pue’s Father Edward Buchanan Pue and Laura Anna Langely. I would very much like history on Lillian May Pue your grandmother as well as your great grandfather Jasper Langley Pue Sr. Did your grandmother marry a Smith or is that your married name?

    • tracy mccain Says:

      Dan: My name is Patrice (Tracy) McCain, I am a cousin of Shalene Smith. I came across this webpage while looking for more informaiton on Doctor Michael Pue. My Grandmother is Lillie Mae Pue. I have posted some photos on my ancesstory page if your interested. My Great Grandfather (Jasper Langley Pue) was not a Texas Ranger as many seem to think, he was a policeman. His son, my Great Uncle (Jasper Langley Pue Jr.) that went down with the USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor, his body was never found as so many bodies that were left on the ship, for 2 yrs. until they raised the Oklahoma and all remains (Bones) were all buried together in severel graves with head stones that only read (UNKNOWN). Mr. Paul Goodyear was one of the survivors on the USS Oklahoma and he is the one that has caried through to make sure the USS Oklahoma was reconized in the Punch Bowel in Hawaii with a wall with all the names of the lost on it. He still visits the grave sites of the Unknown soldiers. You can go to his website: http://www.USS oklahoma and watch some of the videos. I have also posted of photo of my Great Uncle Jasper on my Ancestory page and am trying to update and add what I can, as I get it. If you ever come across any photos of Michael Pue, please send one to me to post on my Ancestory pay. that is what I am looking for.

      Thank you and it’s been interesting reading your post.

      • shalene smith Says:

        awww, hello tracy,, I love and miss you dearly… it’s hard trying to get all this info on our family, i came here because i gave up on papa.. i cant find anything for him.. nothing cherokee. not even any murrins in bandera or san antonio, that i can reach anyway.. I did go the the uss oklahoma site and learned quiet a bit.. and I got a wonderful story of the shootout that our great grandfather was in.. that resulted in his death. but Im sure you have as much if not more info than i can share. if you got anything on papa, I would love to hear about it.. my email is shalener2@yahoo.com.. Tell aunt nina I love her.. she has always been my favorite.. I hate that we are all spread out across the great devine.. but looking at our history, I guess thats what we do.. love and hope to hear from you soon… shalene

    • Athena bryant Says:

      Hi my name is Athena my fathers mother was a pue we own the J.A.V Pues house in Bandera tx on 2828

      • Shalene Says:

        Hi Athena, I would love to take a trip to see the pue house. I was wondering, is the place still standing and do you live in the house? Can I just drive by and see it? Or do I need to make arrangements to visit?


  7. linda swearingen Says:

    Is this the danny pue who’s father worked for the railroad many years ago, and had a younger sister? Hope it is………….if so, please e-mail at:
    Thank you,

  8. Dan Pue Says:

    Linda, Sorry but I’m not the same Dan Pue. The Pue’s you are referring to are relatives, but unknown to me. One of the uncle’s from years past. I am still piecing all of these families together. Good luck on your quest.

  9. Ronald lee pue jr. Says:

    Hello, I am also a relation of Michael pue. My family was derived from Dr. Arthur Pue Sr. I am the youngest male holding the Pue name in my family. Most of my family was from Baltimore and Bandera Texas. I received my information from The quest for the Pues of south Texas. I would love to find out more of my ancestry in Ireland during and before the time of Dr. Michael Pue. I hope we come from royal blood! Well anyways if you have anymore info for me it would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at Rpue@aol.com

    – Ronald pue

  10. Dan Pue Says:

    Ronald please give me your line from Dr. Arthur Pue Sr.. Which son of Dr. Arthur Pue down to you. I will try to put something together. I have gotten busy lately so hang in there.

  11. Misty Painter Says:

    I am looking for the parents of Dr Michael Pue I have not been able to find anything as to who his parents are or where he came from. I am doing this research for my husband he didn’t know many of his family members beyond his immediate family. Thanks any help would be appreciated.

  12. Dan Pue Says:

    Misty I have not found anything either. Some interesting homes of the Pue’s: HO-87 “Bethesda”, HO-422 “Avoca”,HO-145 “Mount Joy”-“Sante Fe”, “The Wayside Inn”and “Grey Rock” are all still around and part of Maryland’s Historical Homes. I have tracted a William and Sue Pue to 1632 in Virginia, but have not made the connection. Many from this colony went to the Baltimore area, but it is sketchy.

    • Judith Pindell Howton Says:

      Dr. Pue’ home is in Howard County, MD on route 29 toward Baltimore. His home is not in Bethseda but I don’t know if he owned other homes.
      Anyway, when can I get a copy of the book?

  13. Dan Pue Says:

    Judy, I moved and I am looking for the Pue book. “Pue’s of Maryland” I bought an old copy from a lady in Maryland. The book however has some mistakes on the history. It is blue and glue bound. It does not have a regular book binding. You are right Dr. Pue’s home is not in Bethesda, its’ nickname was “Bethesda” as a place of healing since there were four generations of Dr.’s raised there. Maryland records “HO-87 “Bethesda” on the enternet will get you there to see pictures and Pue history. Other homes are listed above on the Maryland historical homes site. Each one has pictures of the homes and some family history is reveiled on each. Maps and locations. Maryland achives also has a picture of Dr. Arthur Pue and a few other Pue’s. And Tracy, your line Jasper Langley Pue Sr. was a San Antonio Police Officer. I would love to have more pictures of him. My brother Arthur Pue is a retired San antonio Officer and his son Daniel Pue is a current officer there. I am also an officer at the Live Oak Police Dept. Look on the Langely website and you will find his pictures on horseback and in uniform. The achives of the San Antonio Light Newspaper has stories about him. He was burned while saving his sister caught in a house fiire in Sept. 1914. She died and he was never able to return back to the police dept. due to the burns on his hands. You can get several stories about him from the old newspapers of that time. His son Jasper L. Pue Jr. died at Pearl Harbor. I am sorry I can not get here to post more often but here it is for now. I am looking for the parents of Dr. Michael Pue (Sr.) he was married to Mary Dorsey. Take care COUSINS!!

  14. Tracy McCain Says:


    I have photos of Great Grandpa Jasper Langley Pue. Send me your mailing address to my email … tracymccain@yahoo.com. By the way my Grandmother Lillie was named after Grandpa’s first wife. Take care

  15. Tracy McCain Says:

    I forgot to mention…when I went to Ireland, they said that the Pue name use to be spelled “PUGH” and I got the family crest. But is that correct? Did we change the spelling of the Pue name like so many did when they came to the States?

    • Dan Pue Says:

      One must remember that most people did not know how to spell way back then, so when other people heard the name they spelled it the way it sounded to them. The Pugh spelling is more Welsh. I have the Pue’s spelling their name Pue since 1647. It is possible, but I have heard that Pue is more Scotch Irish. I really do not know. I have seen Pue with spellings about 14 different ways. Pue, Pugh, Pew, Pough, Poeugh, O’Peough, and so on. I ran across records here in America that interchanges the spelling of Pue and Pugh many times. Records like Edward Buchanan Pue, who was a Texas Ranger “Frontier Range” time 1862 listed as Pue and Pugh. He was the Captain of Company “D” in San Antonio, Bexar County Texas. He fought in the battles here in Texas where the Indians started moving back in during the Civil War. The Mexican’s started trouble again during this time as well due to the civil unrest. He later went off to fight in the 33rd Texas Cav. About 1863. The records keepers at Ft. Fisher advised E.B. Pugh and E. B. Pue are the same person. He was my 3rd generation great-grandfather. These Pue’s are well documented in the United States and mentioned in at least in 10-different books. They were well traveled. There is a reference in records from Richard Pue who had Pue’s Occurrences that his family moved to Anne Arundel Count Maryland, but it did not state which Pue’s they were. Dr. Michael Pue is documented several times arriving in America, Anne Arundel County Maryland. Six of his grandsons, one being Edward Buchanan Pue Sr. moved to Texas around 1850’s-60’s. This became more permanent after the Civil War. Four stayed in Bandera Co. Texas and two went to Bexar county Texas around San Antonio. Tracy, which line of Pue’s do you come from? My American roots start with Dr. Michael Pue & Mary Dorsey// Dr. Arthur Pue Sr. & Buchanan // Dr. Arthur Pue Jr. & Sally Dorsey // Edward Buchanan Pue Sr. & Laura A. Langley // Edward Buchanan Pue & Henrietta Hornburg //Ivan Walter Pue & Lottie Schneider // Arthur Joseph Pue Sr. & Verda Mae Toepperwein //(Me- Dan) William Daniel Pue & Karen Quigley Pisciotta and then our children and grand-children…..life goes on.

  16. Cora Testar Says:

    Perhaps this constitutes a monkey wrench in the present conversation but I’d like to point out that there was a largeish nest of “Pues” who immigrated to North America from County Down in Northern Ireland circa 1900 or so. Most were experienced in chipping away at the granite mountains of Mourne in the Kilkeel area, specifically Annalong and environs, and so their skills were in considerable demand in the building boom of the US, Canada and the UK at that time. Among these was my gggrandadday, one John Pue, son of Arthur, who, so far as I can tell, eventually distinguished himself by his robust trenditions of “The Orange Maid From Sligo” at the annual New York Orangmen’s Parade. In digging around the ancestral roots of this Northern Ireland branch (a somewhat daunting task because so few records remain) and following through on the North American immigration records,’ve discovered a number of relatively unusual names in common with those in this thread, – Arthur, Richard, Michael, Joseph etc along with the more usual Johns James and so on. I should say that at some point in my research I’d more or less concluded that a fishing vessel from Wales with Pughs onboard (a common name there – Ap Hugh -son of Hugh =Pugh ) , had conceivably washed up on the shores of Annalong, considering tides and storms etc – but I’m now wondering, regardless of their origination, as I see these same relatively unusual names popping up in the south, I’m now wondering if politcal pressures may have pressured my illustrious and ever-creative ancestors to high tail it north to County Down or over the seas to North America far, far earlier than my present research might have suggested. Ruminations on this subject will be most warmly welcomed. – Coralee Testar

    • Dan Pue Says:

      Cora, You are right. The Pue family was in America dating back to early 1600’s in Henrico County, Virginia. There was William, Henry and Jane Pue. There was a Thomas Pue who in the later 1600’s, (1680’s?) served a warrant of arrest on a man for insulting the King. They are documented buying and selling property there. It appears in those same writings that some of that Pue family branch left to go to Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County Maryland to practice their belief’s more freely. I have not been able to link these folks by blood yet to my branch of the Pue family. I am still looking for the Parents of Dr. Michael Pue b. 1742 in Maryland. The records shows he arrived in 1770 but also had Michael Pue being born in 1742 in Maryland. Possibly one was the Father or just one traveling back and forth to and from Ireland. I have read where the Pue branch from Maryland were well traveled. The records at Elis Island reports Pue’s coming and going over the years. Which I have not linked to the Pue’s in Maryland yet. I have to go for now. Keep up the good work.

  17. judy Says:

    I have bad news that Richard pue, jr passed away in April. His brother, thomas lives in West virginia. There are no more Pues in the State of Maryland. So sad, If I ever win the Lottery I would to visit the Pue clan in Texas. judy

  18. Dan Pue Says:

    Athena Bryant, It is good to heard from another relative from Bandera. Maybe one day we can all meet some where to connect the DOTS of our family history. I have driven by the 2828 home place but never inside the gate. Take care for now.

  19. Patrice (Tracy) Collins McCain Says:

    Dan Pue

    It amazed me that as many times as I’ve been to Bandera I never knew of the Pue’s there. I did go to all the places and cemetary like you said. It was nice to see J.A.V. written in Granite beside the doors on the old Historical building there. I did find PUE road and drove down there and met a gentleman that owned land there and he knew of the Pue’s, but said none of them lived on PUE road anymore.
    My question to EVERYONE that are decendents of the PUE side is…. Does anyone have a photo of My G G Grandfather Michael Langley Pue? I would love to see what he looked like.
    I’ve been to Ireland twice and didn’t know a lot about geneology, but did try to find information on him while I was in Dublin. The Doctors Historical Record building is where the Library sent me. It was a dead lead. They did keep records back to the 1700 but the original building burned down and the records of many Doctors including Michael Pue were lost. I’m planning a trip back next year and I won’t be coming home until I have all the information I can possibly find. But now I have the name of a great geneologist that is in Dublin that does a lot for the people on the show “Who Do You Think You Are”. I want to know more about Michael Pue’s family over there. I want to go further back in Ireland on the Pue side.

  20. Patrice (Tracy) Collins McCain Says:

    Shanlene Smith
    Nina is 79 today May 25, 2015. Daddy…Charles Collins Sr. passed away in August of 20122
    Take care Baby girl.

  21. Patrice (Tracy) Collins McCain Says:

    sorry August 2011

  22. Dan Pue Says:

    Thanks Tracy for keeping us informed. One day one of us will find Dr. Michael Pue’s past family history.

  23. Susan Dyson Says:

    Hello All Pue Family Info Seekers,
    Six years ago (2010) my husband and I were blessed with the purchase of a precious little historic rock house on FM 1283 in Pipe Creek, Tx. Bandera County. We figure It is at least 116 years old. Word of mouth has it that it was built pre-1900 and was the original homestead in this area. It has been modernized by several others and ourselves. We have been told also, that two Bandera County Judges named PUE – Father and Son had lived here at one time or another.
    We have been curious about this but have not found any record of anyone owning this house except the owners prior to us named “Osgood”. Mr Osgood, father of the lady who we bought from was a “land investor” for many years. The family owned / owns?? the so called “Island” in the middle of Medina Lake as well as a lot of other lake properties over time.
    Perhaps they (PUE’s / DU PUY’s) rented it back in the day?
    We cannot find an exact date that the house was built, on any court or tax records(don’t go back as far we had been told).
    There is a photo posted on the wall of the Bandera Courthouse of Judge J.A.V. PUE dated May 1876 – AUG 1878 (I can email anyone the photo if you like). I was told at the courthouse that they are still in the process of putting up the photos of all Bandera County Judges. So the son of the Judge is not pictured yet. I’m thinking “A.J. Pue”
    I did a tiny bit of research on Ancestrys.com website …found J A V Pue (1841-1918)
    And also found some interesting info on books.google.com
    There is a Last Will and Testament
    Dated 1904 & 1911 of a J.A.V. DU PUY and his wife Belle Jackson Du Puy leaving all there belongings and property to their “only” son Arthur Jackson Du Puy are they one and the same? Confusing me, is that the will was done in Bexar County, Tx. And says resides in Bexar County. But this “Du Puy” may have had property in Bandera County, I’m thinking, maybe in Pipe Creek?
    Anyway, in case you are as intrigued by this as well, please feel free to contact me. Oh, by the way, we are selling this lovely house now. Only because my husband just retired and doesn’t want to be “mowing” the rest of his life away. LOL. You see, we also own the other part of this little estate that we purchased as a foreclosure (an Osgood Son). This house is a more modern house Cir 1986. But has some of the original buildings on it including what (word of mouth says) was the Foremans Quarters and the original Bunkhouse and water tank. So we won’t miss this lovely little rock house as much as we will be right next door, still admiring it everyday and sharing in its history, whatever “that” is???
    Take care,

  24. Dan Pue Says:

    Susan Dyson, I appreciate you reaching out to the Pue Family. I would love to have what information you do have and I can share what I have. J. A.V. Pue (James Alexander Ventress Pue) is buried in the Bandera with other family members. “Pue” has always been Pue, not Du Puy. His brother Arthur Pue is buried up the hill just a few yards away with his family. I might add he is only one of the many Arthur Pue’s over 100’s of year. The first Texas, Arthur Pue, Judge of Bandera County, was my Grandfather’s uncle. My Grandfather named my Father “Arthur” after him. Dan Pue: dpue@liveoaktx.net, 210-380-4495 and leave a message. Thanks.

  25. judith P Howton Says:

    I just got Ancestry DNA results and it stated that I am 10% Iberian Pennesula. Did any of the Pues married a hispanic man or woman?

    • judy Howton Says:

      The more I read the more I didn’t realized the Irish intermingle with the Spanish many years ago. The history of the Spanish Irish is fascintating and I hope everyone will into it. I believe my Great Grandmother Pue who is Ellen Fitzhugh Pue is one of Spanish Irish person.

  26. Tracy McCain Says:

    Dan Pue
    My email address has changed to (tecm2012@yahoo.com) please send me your email or email me. My Mother Nina passed and left me with all the photos and information she had. I have pictures of my Great Grand father Jasper Langley Pue Sr. that you asked for. Contact me and I can email them to you.
    Pray all is well with everyone!
    Tracy McCain

  27. Tracy McCain Says:

    Dan Pue
    Also I just has my DNA testing done and it came back that I am 62 percent Irish. So now I can claim I am IRISH!! Lol

  28. Dan Pue Says:


    • Daniel (Pue) Brooks Says:

      Nice to hear of another Dan Pue, which is also my birth name! My last name was changed to Brooks in 1980 but my great grandfather was Samuel Pue from Texas (after having moved there from Maryland). I have a wonderful photo of him in an old oval frame. I would love to see photos and histories of more people related to the Pues. I currently live in Washington State. My grandfather and grandmother moved here around 1900 and settled in Yakima where my father Carl Pue was born.

  29. judy howton Says:

    I am 24% Irish and British along with 10% Iberian Peninsula. 44% of scan avian background. interesting.

  30. judy howton Says:

    Does anyone know about the Pues mingling with Native Americans.

  31. Alana Edwards Says:

    My grandparents were called Frank and Elizabeth pue from northern Ireland came to England to live back in the 1950s ? A.edwards

  32. A.edwards Says:

    Frank and Elizabeth pue moved to Northamptonshire with all four children 4 girls one boy does anyone know anything ?

  33. judy howton Says:

    I haven’t stop here for awhile. Any news about the Pues.? Anything about the native americans?

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