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Blogging the Humanities: brief recap

6 June 2010

By Juliana Adelman

Who says cyberspace is lonely?  On behalf of Pue’s I want to thank all the bloggers and would-be bloggers who joined us for a day of discussion on the present and future of blogging in the humanities.  It was great to put faces to blogs, to meet new people and generally talk about something a bit different than the usual history conference.  I was amazed at just how much discussion was possible.  We took a bit of a risk by leaving so much ’empty’ space in the programme, but it really paid off.  I think I can speak for all of us at Pue’s in saying we learned a tremendous amount and we haven’t exhausted the possibilties yet.  I supppose it’s very academic to think that blogs need a theoretical framework and a critical discourse, but even those outside academia had plenty to contribute to these topics.  The blogs represented not just history, but art, literature and geography as well.  Read More