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27 May 2009

By Kevin O’Sullivan

FT Weekend Magazine Cover 16 May 2009A few weeks ago (16 May) the Financial Times ran a cover story on its Weekend Magazine entitled ‘What made these people leaders? And can it be taught?’ and accompanied it with a montage of one hundred figures obviously considered by the paper to be examples of such. Michael Collins is there, along with Charles de Gaulle, Adolf Hitler, Malcolm X, Franco, Boris Yeltsin and Germaine Greer, but, interestingly, no Eamon de Valera (or Bertie, of course). There was a competition to name all one hundred (the prize, in true FT style, is a bottle of champagne), though the winner got only 90 of them correct. Click on the image for a larger version and see how many you can name. We’ll post the results in a couple of weeks after you’ve stewed over it for a while.