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The history week ahead on tv and radio: 7 November to 13 November

7 November 2009



16:55 1989: Day by day, radio, BBC R2

 19:30 More than museums: Poetry Ireland, radio, RTE R1

18.05 Pieces of the wall, radio, RTE R1

20.00 The day of the Kamikaze, tv, Channel 4.

20:05 The secret life of the berlin wall, tv, BBC2

21.15 The noughties… was that it?, tv, BBC3

21:30 Flags of our father, tv, RTE2


13:30 A short history of Ireland Omnibus, radio, BBC Radio Ulster

16.30 Adventures in poetry, radio, BBC R4

16:55 1989: day by day, radio, BBC R4

19:00 Talking history, radio, Newstalk 106

21:00 Garrow’s law: tales from the Old Bailey (historical legal drama), tv, BBC1

22.00 Cerbh E (traditional influences), tv, TG4

23:00 1989: day by day omnibus, radio, BBC R4 Read more

Review: A History of Private Life

10 October 2009

Contributed by Léan Ní Chléirigh

Amanda VickeryKevin O’ Sullivan’s recent rage against ‘diet history, history zero, history free,’ highlights the problem broadcasters face every day when trying to provide sincere, interesting history to an audience which claims to like history yet puts on the kettle or worse, CSI, at the mention of two or more dates in the same five minutes. Channel 4 has opted for the already-famous-presenter-but-not-historian, Kevin McCloud, who adds in his own bizarre analogies between the Medici and ‘Dynasty’. Another tack is to go for a ‘cool,’ young historian who has done the research themselves but finds it a bit too exciting, (bordering on arousing) and pitch it with a dose of jingoism which informs without challenging, see Bettany Hughes and Tristram Hunt. BBC Radio 4 has another plan. It takes an internationally respected historian, gives them 400 years and lets them loose. But here’s the clever part, each programme tackles a compact subject and lasts only fifteen minutes. ‘A History of Private Life’ is born.

Amanda Vickery, a high profile and respected historian of gender and social history from Royal Holloway University of London, is supremely qualified to write and present this series which ‘reveals the hidden history of home over 400 years.’ Her research, and therefore the series, relies heavily on the letters and diaries of men and women and is augmented with reference to contemporary literature, didactic works and court records as well as any other sources she can get her hands on. The result is a really good history series which manages to get the balance right, pitching it at an interested public while allowing those of us with a bit more knowledge to nod along wisely to the radio, our egos intact.

‘A History of Private Life,’ is testament to what a clever producer can achieve with a good historian. Read more

Talking about history

8 October 2009

By Kevin O’Sullivan

Miriam O'CallaghanIn spite of all of my best intentions in compiling this week’s guide to history on television and radio (it was my turn, sorry), I managed to miss the appearance of Diarmaid Ferriter, Professor of Irish History at UCD, and Catriona Crowe, Head of Special Projects at the National Archives, on the Miriam O’Callaghan meets… programme on RTÉ Radio 1 on Sunday morning (4 October). The two spoke about their friendship, their careers, what history means to them and what it gives to the wider community and ended with a rather interesting musical choice: Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly’s alternative history of the Famine, ‘The potatoes aren’t looking the best’. If you didn’t catch it, you can listen below, or head over to iTunes to download the programme on podcast.

Part I:

Part II:

The history week ahead… on TV and radio

3 October 2009

19.00: The Pre-Raphaelites: The Victorian Revolutionaries, BBC 4 (tv).
Three Lives of Ghandi (part 1 of 3), BBC 2.
20.30: Glortha an Ghorta: Great Irish Famine Folklore, RTÉ Radio 1.

13.15: Pobal ar Aire: Gluaiseacht Chearta Sibhialta na Gaeltachta 1969-2009, Raidió na Gaeltachta.
18.05: Conspiracy: Irish Political Trials under the Union (part 2 of 4), RTÉ Radio 1.
18.30 & 19.00:
Reeling in the Years (1991 and 1992), RTÉ 1.
19.00: The Genius of Charles Darwin, Channel 4.
19.00: Talking History, Newstalk 106-108 fm.
21.00: Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour of Europe (part 3 of 4), Channel 4.
21.30: Cogar: The story of the 1958 plane crash off the Connemara coast, TG4. (repeated on Tuesday, 20.00)

19.30: CSÍ: Cork’s Bloody Secret (investigating the IRA killings of thirteen west Cork protestants in 1922), RTÉ 1
21.35: Who Do You Think You Are? Diarmuid Gavin, RTÉ 1.
22.55: An Bóthar go dtí an Whitehouse: Alfred E. Smith, TG4.

20.00: History of Scotland, BBC 4 (tv).
21.00: Blitz: The Bombing of Coventry, 1940
, BBC 2.

21.00: Taste of Iran: a culinary and cultural history (part 1 of 4), BBC 4

9.00: In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio 4.
13.10: Battle of the River Plate (film, 1957), Channel 4.
21.00: The Forgotten Irish: Irish women migrants in Britain, TV3.
22.00: An Bóthar go dtí an Whitehouse: Tom Pendergast, TG4.

20.30: Cowboys: The Irish at the Alamo (part 1 of 7), TG4
(followed by The Alamo (film, 1960) at 21.00).

The history week ahead… on tv and radio

26 September 2009

Contributed by Lisa-Marie Griffith

tvWe are always desperately seeking ways to hold your attention at Pues so we thought we would try something new this week. We are bringing you the radio and tv listing s of history programs. This is the first time we have done this and so if there is anything we have missed please let us know in a comment so that we can make this as complete as possible. Thanks!

Sunday: Talking History, Newstalk, 7.00 pm, Patrick Geoghegan and Lyndsey Earner Byrne; Conspiracy: Irish Political Trials under the union, RTE Radio 1, 6.05 pm (first of four part), Myles Dungan; The Genius of Darwin, Channel 4, 7pm (first of three parts), Richard Dawkins.

Monday: A History of Private Life, BBC Radio 4, 3.45 pm (series), Amanda Vickery (The Gentleman’s Daughter): A new series that investigates private life in Britain since 1600. 

Tuesday: History of Scotland, BBC 4, 8.00pm (series); From Abacus to Circle Time: A Short History of the Primary School, BBC Radio 4, 4pm.

Wednesday The Art of Dying, BBC 4, 9.00 pm, Dan Cruickshank.

Thursday: The Forgotten Irish, TV3, 9.00pm, a look  at the post WWII Irish diaspora to Britain (first of two part); Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life, BBC 4, 9.00 pm.