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Ireland’s Greatest?

2 April 2010

Contributed by Adrian Grant

RTE’s output of historical documentaries in recent years has been the subject of some discussion. ‘The Killings at Coolacrease’ (2007) and ‘If Lynch Had Invaded’ (2009) both stimulated a lot of discussion among historians and others alike. RTE is now asking ‘who do you think is the greatest Irish person ever?’ and has provided a shortlist of forty for the public to choose from. The five figures who receive the most votes will have hour-long documentaries produced about their lives before the public is asked to make the call on who was, or is, Ireland’s Greatest. We can also look forward to the fact that these five documentaries will be fronted by a ‘well-known personality’ who will interpret and champion their chosen figure. This is a very similar format to the 2002 BBC show “Great Britons” which was highly popular and notable here for its inclusion of two Irishmen, Bono and Bob Geldof. The two lads are included on the RTE list and there is a danger that Bono might disappear up his own arse if he wins. This is unlikely though since most Irish people don’t seem to like him very much. Read more

The history week ahead on tv and radio: 7 November to 13 November

7 November 2009



16:55 1989: Day by day, radio, BBC R2

 19:30 More than museums: Poetry Ireland, radio, RTE R1

18.05 Pieces of the wall, radio, RTE R1

20.00 The day of the Kamikaze, tv, Channel 4.

20:05 The secret life of the berlin wall, tv, BBC2

21.15 The noughties… was that it?, tv, BBC3

21:30 Flags of our father, tv, RTE2


13:30 A short history of Ireland Omnibus, radio, BBC Radio Ulster

16.30 Adventures in poetry, radio, BBC R4

16:55 1989: day by day, radio, BBC R4

19:00 Talking history, radio, Newstalk 106

21:00 Garrow’s law: tales from the Old Bailey (historical legal drama), tv, BBC1

22.00 Cerbh E (traditional influences), tv, TG4

23:00 1989: day by day omnibus, radio, BBC R4 Read more

The history week ahead… on TV and radio

3 October 2009

19.00: The Pre-Raphaelites: The Victorian Revolutionaries, BBC 4 (tv).
Three Lives of Ghandi (part 1 of 3), BBC 2.
20.30: Glortha an Ghorta: Great Irish Famine Folklore, RTÉ Radio 1.

13.15: Pobal ar Aire: Gluaiseacht Chearta Sibhialta na Gaeltachta 1969-2009, Raidió na Gaeltachta.
18.05: Conspiracy: Irish Political Trials under the Union (part 2 of 4), RTÉ Radio 1.
18.30 & 19.00:
Reeling in the Years (1991 and 1992), RTÉ 1.
19.00: The Genius of Charles Darwin, Channel 4.
19.00: Talking History, Newstalk 106-108 fm.
21.00: Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour of Europe (part 3 of 4), Channel 4.
21.30: Cogar: The story of the 1958 plane crash off the Connemara coast, TG4. (repeated on Tuesday, 20.00)

19.30: CSÍ: Cork’s Bloody Secret (investigating the IRA killings of thirteen west Cork protestants in 1922), RTÉ 1
21.35: Who Do You Think You Are? Diarmuid Gavin, RTÉ 1.
22.55: An Bóthar go dtí an Whitehouse: Alfred E. Smith, TG4.

20.00: History of Scotland, BBC 4 (tv).
21.00: Blitz: The Bombing of Coventry, 1940
, BBC 2.

21.00: Taste of Iran: a culinary and cultural history (part 1 of 4), BBC 4

9.00: In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio 4.
13.10: Battle of the River Plate (film, 1957), Channel 4.
21.00: The Forgotten Irish: Irish women migrants in Britain, TV3.
22.00: An Bóthar go dtí an Whitehouse: Tom Pendergast, TG4.

20.30: Cowboys: The Irish at the Alamo (part 1 of 7), TG4
(followed by The Alamo (film, 1960) at 21.00).