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Honest to Blog: Programme

17 February 2011


The Pue’s Occurrences blogging symposium takes place Friday 4 March in Trinity College Dublin. Our participants include: Myles Dungan from Myle’s Dungan’s history site, Conor Brady from the Rosnaree Archeological Project Blog, Orla Murphy from Orla Murphy’s Blog, Niamh Cullen from The Little Review, Ciaran Swan speaking on behalf of the Irish Left Archive , Jonathan Wright from Trinity College Dublin, and our own Juliana Adelman from Pue’s Occurrences. Topics to be discussed include blogging as a teaching tool, blogging to teach, web legitimacy and blogging in Ireland. There will be attendance from across the Irish blogging community and a roundtable session at the end for an inclusive discussion from all attendees. You can register on our site here and lunch will be provided. The programme is now available and can be found here.