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The JFK Presidency: a 50-year retrospective

4 March 2011

Contributed by Felix M. Larkin

To mark the 50th anniversary of the start of the Kennedy presidency, the JFK Presidential Library in Boston recently hosted a conference bringing together a number of historians, journalists and former officials of the administration to discuss the man and his place in history. The stellar list of participants included Harris Wofford (JFK’s special assistant for civil rights), Richard Reeves (historian and JFK biographer), Ted Widner (a former Clinton speechwriter) and journalists Matt Bai and Gwen Ifill. I attended the conference while on a short holiday in the US.

The Library is a centre of study and research, but also a shrine to JFK’s memory. You would not expect a conference there to be critical of him, and nor was this one. It seemed to me, however, that the participants made a strong case for Kennedy – certainly a remarkable president, one who might have been among the very greatest but for the brevity of his time in office. Read more