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The Big Academic Job Hunt

1 March 2011

By Lisa Marie Griffith

The academic job season is about to begin- broadly speaking March to August this is the period when most academic institutions begin to advertise the much coveted vacancies they hold for the following academic term. This stressful period is bound to send you running to a computer to look up a job that you heard about through a second-hand comment only to realise that you have 24 hours to complete the job application or that you have in fact missed the deadline. Job hunting is a stressful task and it doesn’t need to be said that in the current climate it is doubly so.

Unfortunately it’s often difficult to take the first step for job hunting. You want to make sure you are looking for jobs in the right place and that you have as much information about job vacancies as possible. When I was writing up my thesis a friend provided me with a couple of job email alerts that were very useful.  Over the last couple of years my list of academic/cultural and heritage job sites has grown. I have put together a list of the sites that I have used in thepast most of them include an email update with new jobs and information, which should make the job hunting task a little easier. Most of the sites below are interdisciplinary but will have specific search categories and listings for humanities or history. Read more