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Now That’s What I Call a Tribunal

10 February 2010

Contributed by Myles Dungan

The Moriarty Tribunal can’t quite seem to make up its mind whether or not it has dialled the last number in its mobile phone contacts book. The Mahon Tribunal started as the Flood Tribunal and may well be called something entirely different by the time we get to read its report.

Lets hope when the distinguished jurists who have been listening to some of the most excruciatingly detailed evidence ever laid before four wigless judges is of more consequence than a Commission report laid before the Houses of Parliament in Westminster 120 years ago this month. Because the Report of the Special Commission into Parnellism and Crime – better known as the Times Commission in honour of the village idiot who paid the bill – set the bar for the anti-climax. It was as if Apple had promised the iPad but Steve Jobs had, instead, launched a new, but ground-breaking, electric toothbrush.

It began with a whimper on 7 March, 1887 with an anonymous piece in the Times promising startling revelations about the connection of the Irish party leadership to violent agrarian crime. Three articles later the series was fizzling out altogether in a welter of sheer tedium when the Times played its trump card on 18 April by publishing a facsimile of what purported to be a highly embarrassing letter from Charles Stewart Parnell. This signed and dated note seemed to offer succour to the Invincibles for the Phoenix Park murders. Read More