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The history week ahead, tv and radio guide up, 5 December to 11 December

5 December 2009

The new guide is up for this week, see the tv and radio guide page here.  As usual, feel free to add things I’ve missed to the page by using the comment box at the bottom.

The history week ahead on tv and radio: 14 November to 20 November

14 November 2009

813989We’ve decided to change the format a little for the tv and radio guide. You can view it now by clicking here or at any time during the week by clicking on ‘The history week ahead on tv and radio‘ on the sidebar (under ‘Pages’). As ever, if there’s anything we’ve missed, please feel free to add it as a comment under the listings. Happy viewing and listening.

The history week ahead on tv and radio: 7 November to 13 November

7 November 2009



16:55 1989: Day by day, radio, BBC R2

 19:30 More than museums: Poetry Ireland, radio, RTE R1

18.05 Pieces of the wall, radio, RTE R1

20.00 The day of the Kamikaze, tv, Channel 4.

20:05 The secret life of the berlin wall, tv, BBC2

21.15 The noughties… was that it?, tv, BBC3

21:30 Flags of our father, tv, RTE2


13:30 A short history of Ireland Omnibus, radio, BBC Radio Ulster

16.30 Adventures in poetry, radio, BBC R4

16:55 1989: day by day, radio, BBC R4

19:00 Talking history, radio, Newstalk 106

21:00 Garrow’s law: tales from the Old Bailey (historical legal drama), tv, BBC1

22.00 Cerbh E (traditional influences), tv, TG4

23:00 1989: day by day omnibus, radio, BBC R4 Read more

The history week ahead…on tv and radio: Saturday 24 October- Friday 30 October

24 October 2009

18.05: Documentary on One: The Starry Frame (letters from Irish migrants in Australia, 1849), RTÉ Radio 1

19.00: Fifty years of Music in DublinRTÉ Lyric FM.

19.30: The Scarlet Pimpernel, BBC 4 tv

20.30: Glortha an Ghorta: Great Irish Famine Folklore, RTÉ Radio 1.

21.00: Terror! Robespierre and the French Revolution, BBC 4 tv

13.15: Pobal ar Aire! Gluaiseacht Chearta Sibhialta na Gaeltachta 1969-2009, RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta

18.30: Reeling in the years 1997, RTÉ 1 tv

19.00: Reeling in the years 1998, RTÉ 1 tv

19.00: Not Forgotten: The Men Who Wouldn’t Fight, Channel 4

19.00: Talking History, Newstalk

20.00: A Tale of Two Britains (Britain in the 1930s), BBC 4 tv

Read More

The history week ahead…on tv and radio: Saturday 17 October- Friday 23 October

17 October 2009


2.20pm: Waterloo (film), BBC 2.

7.oopm: Fifty years of Music in Dublin, RTÉ Lyric FM.

8.30pm: The Bitter End: Ghandi (final part), BBC2, tv.

8.30pm: Glortha an Ghorta: Great Irish Famine Folklore, RTÉ Radio 1.

12.45 pm: The Unsinkable Titanic, More 4.


13:30 A Short History of Ireland Omnibus, BBC Radio Ulster.

6.05 pm: Conspiracy: Irish Political Trials under the Union (part 4 of 4), RTÉ Radio 1.

6.30pm: Reeling in the years, RTÉ 1.

7.00pm: Reeling in the years, RTÉ 1.

7.00 pm: Talking History, Newstalk.

8.00pm: Séiplínigh na Nlmirceach, TG4. Read more