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Victorian Treasures

13 December 2010

By Christina Morin

Last month, I decided to take a little holiday to Australia to celebrate the submission of my manuscript and to coincide with a significant event in a friend’s life (to be celebrated, naturally, in Australia). My all-too-brief trip took me from sunny Sydney to the vineyards and breathtaking views along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria to Melbourne city – the so-called ‘Paris of Australia’. Although the purpose of my trip was as far from academic as possible, I couldn’t resist paying a little visit to the State Library of Victoria in central Melbourne. An impressive colonial building with reading rooms to rival the best I’ve ever seen, the State Library of Victoria is open to the public, allowing interested tourists like me free access to the library building, its Dome viewing platform, free exhibitions, and even some of its holdings.

I didn’t have anything specific I was interested in reading or consulting, so, after stashing my bag in a locker, I meandered around, soaking up the atmosphere, availing myself of various amenities, including free internet access, and checking in on the chess games quietly being played in a dedicated area of the library. That done, I had a trawl through the extensive online catalogue, searching for a few things related to a new project I have brewing in my head (before even my last or current one is finished!). My scrawled notes in hand, I headed to the La Trobe Reading Room – a fantastic, light-filled, heptagonal room with amazing soaring ceilings. (Pictured above.) Read more