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This little piggy

16 November 2010

By Juliana Adelman

Urban dwellers are enthusiastically embracing the trend for grow-your-own.  Not content with vegetables, they are moving on to animals.  I was driving near St Catherine’s church in the south inner city recently when I noticed a community garden which contained an elaborate hen house.  A segment on RTE Radio 1’s morning programme recently suggested that people are now also rearing urban pigs.  The sanitary reformers of the nineteenth century would be horrified to imagine that all their years of toil to eradicate food animals from the city were being quietly reversed.

The pig is, in many ways, a perfect back garden animal.  It eats garbage, needs little space and produces a lot of manure and edible meat in return.  As Homer Simpson remarked when Lisa informed him that pork chops, bacon and ham all came from the same animal: ‘Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal!’  Irish people during the nineteenth century gained a reputation as particularly fond of the wonderful, magical pig.  In the eyes of some travel writers, the household pig was symbolic of the poor hygiene and moral character of the Irish themselves. Read More