Competition winners!

Thanks to everyone who took part and entered our very first competition. The challenge was to: Summarize your favourite century of Irish history in 115 characters or less.

We would also like to thank everyone who re-tweeted and shared the competition details on Facebook. An enormous thanks also to St Patrick’s Cathedral who provided the prize, a tour of St Patrick’s Cathedral and roof time by Andrew Smith, the Cathedral Education Officer. Due to the fantastic response we got we will be running another competition shortly.

While there was no overall winner, we wanted to give a special mention to Joanne McEntee who not only managed to write a history of the nineteenth century in 115 characters but also submitted her entry as a limerick. Here is Joanne’s entry:

Disunion (old Irish curse)

Among opponents & even divorce

Meant Union remained

Queen reigned

& separatism = discourse!

The other five winners in no particular order are:

Felix M Larkin on the nineteenth century: ‘King Dan to the “uncrowned king”: a great hunger – for food, religious freedom, land, education & self-government’.

Eoghan Smith on the twentieth century: ‘Ireland in The Twentieth Century, Blow it up, Sew it up, Biddy O’Eumecup, And that’s what the fact of it is’

Ronan Lyons on the seventeenth century: ‘I pick 17th: from feudalism Old Irish & Old English thru war confiscation & emigration to Irish English & Scots!’

Darragh Doyle on the twentieth century: ‘The 20th. Communication. Telegraph, telephone, television, tell a (wo)man. Newspapers. Internet. Film. Music. Wow’

Ciaran McCabe on the nineteenth century: ‘Standardisation, industrialisation, institutionalisation, professionalisation and emancipation: I pick the 19th-c!’

While some centuries were better represented in the competition than others we would like to give everyone a chance to represent ommitted centuries, or to submit your own area, so feel free to add your centuries in the comments box below. Please remember the history is supposed to be the length of a tweet (prize not included this time)!

We thought we would share our attempts to tweet our own century. This is what we have:

Tina on the eighteenth century: ‘An Irish parliament won&lost; Rebellions fought;‘terrorist’ fiction wrought; Union debated; Emancipation slated.’

Lisa on the eighteenth century: ‘To unite all catholic, all protestants and all dissenters under the common name of Irishman: Ireland’s 18th century failure’

Juliana on the nineteenth century: ‘lots of potatoes too many potatoes not enough potatoes’

Kevin on the twentieth century: ‘Connolly to Robinson. O’Casey to McPherson. Yeats to Toibin. Delaney to Bonner. Bosco. What’s not to like?’

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